FabriBEND Overview

FabriBEND is bending simulation software that allows FabriWIN users to simulate bending operations without leaving the programming room. FabriBEND validates the initial flat with 3-D visualization and press brake process. FabriBEND provides real-time simulation of the bending process, automatically checking bending feasibility and eliminating costly trial and error processes on the shop floor. Non-bending experts can use FabriBEND’s automatic tool selection and bending sequence features, virtually eliminating the rejection of parts due to bending issues. Flat to form material conflicts are flagged, and additions or adjustments to bend deduction based on tooling directly adjusts the flat. Standard tables and tool libraries are included and may be modified based on your own manufacturing processes, allowing immediate use of FabriBEND.

The bending simulation and report generation features in FabriBEND provide the off-line feedback that is typically found only after a part has been formed. Do you trust the flat that you have received to be correct? With FabriBEND you can go from flat to 3D model in a real-time simulation. This allows you to adjust the model to match the original design, and then apply your own tools and bending logic. With one click you have adjusted the flat, and with just a few more you can create a FabriWIN program for your turrets and lasers with confidence. FabriBEND will dramatically reduce machine set-up time for CNC and non-CNC press brakes. Automatic press brake process documentation reduces on the floor set-up time by 300%. The optional code generation module can reduce set-up another 300% and provides consistent maintainable results across future part runs.

With FabriBEND, Amada America delivers bending software that works. FabriBEND will increase the performance, productivity and profitability of your fabrication operations.

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