About the Amada America Support Services Group

The Amada America Support Services Group provides our customers with the highest level of support possible for all of our products. The Support Services Group receives exceptionally high ratings from our annual customer satisfaction surveys. Our team of highly-skilled technicians has expert knowledge of our products and insight into the unique needs of the fabrication industry. Our technical support team is accessible online, through e-mail and our dedicated support Website, or by telephone, fax, and mail, or on-site at your location.

Please select from the list below to learn more about the various support options that the Amada America Support Services Group provides:

Annual telephone support agreements
Per incident
On-site support
Custom programming

Before you call...

Please remember that Amada America's technical manuals and on-line help answer many commonly asked questions. Please try to locate the solution to your problem in these manuals first.

When calling Amada America support, please follow these guidelines to ensure prompt and effective support:

Be ready to describe the problem in detail and know what product level and version you are working with. Document what happened, particularly if you cannot call immediately after the problem occurred.

Be in front of your computer or FabriVISION controller while you call.

If possible, try to duplicate the problem. The support technician may request that you do this while you are on the phone. Also, be prepared to submit geometry, NC files and other data related to your problem.

If you are not the primary user, discuss the problem with the primary user before calling Amada America support.

Have a complete description of your hardware, including CPU, operating system, mouse, video card, and memory prior to calling Amada America.

Also, Amada America has an FTP site available for transferring files to and from our customers. If you have not already done so, contact a support representative prior to sending any files to Amada America. To send us a file, you need to use an FTP program. If you do not already have one, you can download a free FTP program called FileZilla here.

Once you have an FTP program installed on your system, contact a Amada America support representative to get the user ID and password to connect to our server.You can contact Amada America Support by phone, fax or email:

By Phone: 714-549-0112
By Fax:     714-443-5036
By Email:  FabriWIN Support

Telephone support is available from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (PST) Monday through Friday.

Annual telephone support agreements

Annual telephone support agreements are available for FabriWIN and FabriTRAK. The annual telephone contract is designed to provide customers with real-time technical assistance over the phone. The telephone support program can supplement your company's support staff, or it can serve as the perfect complement to our on-site technical support. We have certified hardware and software personnel with extensive industry knowledge available to provide telephone support. We utilize a support database to log and track your concerns until they are resolved. Our telephone support services also include GotoMeeting support (for more information on GotoMeeting, please follow this link). Shorter duration telephone support agreements are also available. To subscribe to the annual telephone support, please call 714-549-0112.

Per incident

Our telephone support services are available on a per-incident basis. We provide the same high quality services as in our annual agreements (including GotoMeeting support). Per incident support provides the additional support flexibility for your products and available for FabriWIN. For per incident support, please call 714-549-0112 and ask for "Per Incident Support".

On-site support

Amada America can provide any support services at your location. To learn more about a personalized, on-site support package, please call 714-549-0112 and ask for "On-Site Support" for your product. 

Custom Programming

What is custom programming?

Our custom programming service is designed to help you to adapt our software for a specific situation and/or need. Amada America can create custom programs and reports to fit your exact needs and increase the effectiveness of FabriTRAK and FabriWIN in your operations.

Why do I need it?

Custom programming can streamline your business, allowing you to provide better service to your customers and save you time. Saving time saves money. If you are spending hours each month doing repetitive calculations, looking up information on charts, tables or books, you may beneifit from custom programming.

How much does it cost?

Custom programming is available for FabriWIN machine drivers.
Because each project is unique, we must discuss your specific needs in order to develop a price estimate. Download and complete this form, then fax it to the Amada America Support team at 714-549-0112 for a free estimate.

GotoMeeting Support

GotoMeeting is a real-time interactive communication service delivered through the Internet and the World Wide Web. All you need is a computer with a high speed internet connection and a web browser, such as Internet Explorer. There is no need for software; on your first usage of any GotoMeeting service, a client plug-in will be installed into your browser. After the plug-in is installed, you are ready for real-time interactive meetings and support help.

Using GotoMeeting's OnCall feature, a technician can show and annotate diagrams and schematics, demonstrate how to use an application, view and diagnose an application running on your system, download files for analysis, upload patches and files straight onto your computer, and remotely reconfigure your system. All these tools are included in GotoMeeting OnCall with the added security that provides for the customer to take back control during a session and the ability to deny any request made by the technician.